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Tara and Westcott Spiderlites

Recently I picked up a pair of Westcott’s Spiderlites for the studio.  These are a constant on light – no flashes.  The big difference is they can use high end daylight balanced florescent bulbs.

The amount of light you get isn’t near as powerfull as studio flash, but it does allow for some amazing photos when using a fast lens and shooting wide open.
I find I like to use my Canon 70-200mm and shoot between F2.8 and F3.5.   I also find the camera stand very handy for these since shutter speeds might be a little low as well.
Local model Tara was helpful in testing these lights out.
Besides great for beautiful captures of people they have been handy for my stock work as well.  The “July 4th” flag shots where all captured using these new lights.
Photographers – if your curious about the details I purchased the Scott Kelby kit from B&H.  Price was good and gave me what I wanted.  If you’re interested in these I really have to emphasize the need to fast glass though, a camera that gives great results at ISO’s up to 400 won’t hurt either.