Congratulations Nanxi Liu

Back in April I was contacted by a young woman, Nanxi Liu, who was seeking a photo sponsor for the Colorado Junior Miss competition.   After talking to her I was flattered that she asked us to be her sponsor and couldn’t refuse.

So we brought Nanxi into the studio and shot for her what she needed for the contest.
I’m thrilled to find out that I am not alone in the opinion that Nanxi was a smart, charming and beautiful young lady – Nanxi was selected as Colorado Junior Miss for 2009.
Continuing to the national competition Nanxi placed in the top 8 finalists.
Just wanted to take a moment to say how excited my wife and I are for Nanxi and congratulate her on an excellent job.

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  • Jessica Rowell

    Fantastic!!! The photos you took of her look phenomenal.I’ve always wanted to work with her.