Monthly Archives: July 2008

ALT Fashion

One of the most unique clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with this last year has been Jessica of J-Chans Designs.  An award winning costume designer and makeup artist whose vision and style is truely unique.   Recently her designs where featured in the UK magazine ALT Fashion.  Next month she’ll be featured in Gothic Beauty….


I recently had the chance to work with a wonderful Denver model, Sahsha Hoffman.  While we got some wonderful commercial images and portfolio work a few of the images I really enjoyed working on involved her white outfit. It might look simple but fellow photographers will understand just how challenging it can be to shoot…

Family Photos

A while back I had the wonderful chance to shoot some family photos for Andrea who has modeled for me professionally in the past.   We worked on some “Relationships” fine art B&W images as well as some “Pure Heart” hi-key and just some fun color shots.

Tara and Westcott Spiderlites

Recently I picked up a pair of Westcott’s Spiderlites for the studio.  These are a constant on light – no flashes.  The big difference is they can use high end daylight balanced florescent bulbs. The amount of light you get isn’t near as powerfull as studio flash, but it does allow for some amazing photos when using…