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Ambi's Senior Photo's

After the back to back weddings last weekend I was lucky enough to wrap up the weekend with Ambi, her mother and brother. The niece of a model I’ve worked with in the past, Ambi just wanted some photos in a nice place. After trekking around Cheyenne and going up and down mountains in Vail…

Vail Colorado Wedding – Ashley and Steve

The second wedding from last weekend was another opportunity to work with my friend, and one of Colorado’s best wedding photographers, Dain of Photography by Dain as the second shooter for Ashley and Steve’s wedding in Vail. With the gondola ride to the top of the Vail ski run the wedding was set before some…

Mari & Kliff

This was a non stop weekend with the business this last weekend. Two weddings and a senior shoot, and about 800 miles on the car. The first up was a trip up north to Cheyenne for the wedding of Mari and Kliff. A great couple who had a beautiful day, although with all the family…

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  • Mari

    I love it!

All because two people fell in love…….

It’s always an honor when a young couple in love chooses you to be their wedding photographer, they are trusting in your skill and artistry to capture the memories of their special day.  When this person is someone you know it’s even more of an honor. I had the pleasure of working with Sam (Samantha)…

  • Anonymous

    OMG! AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for more! MOM 🙂

  • Taralee

    You’ve done a remarkable job and I am very impressed. If I were getting married in CO I would sign you right up to be my photographer.

  • Mark Hayes Photography

    Well luckily Cali has no shortage of magnificent wedding photographers so I won’t try and talk you into paying travel expenses. 🙂

  • Kathy Angelo

    An aquaintence of mine got married about a year ago. They spent about 25K on their wedding. When she saw the video of Matt and Sam, she was so jealous… because it looked like a million dollar wedding!
    A lot of the credit goes to your fabulous photograpy!

    P.S. I think that you could enter some of these pictures into a contest for a wedding dress or a Jeep advertisement. Matt and Sam are SOooo photogenic- and so is little John, the ring bearer!