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Spooky Studio

Just a little something for those that think my studio, in a 50 year old school building, attached to a 115 year old church can get a little spooky at times.   From a Jchan shoot earlier this year – with a little recent post edits.   

Kristy and Kevin

In wedding photography referrals is among the primary sources of new clients, but it’s an extra special honor when that referral comes not from a former client but rather another wedding photographer. This was the case with Kristy and Kevin. This was my first wedding at the Latter-Day Saints temple and not being able to…

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  • Kristy

    The pictures look great. Kevin and I have been in San Diego this past week on our honeymoon. We will be flying back to Wyoming tomorrow and we’ll definately touch base in the next couple days. Thank you for everything you did.


Wedding Availability 2008 – Budget Wedding Photography

We have some open weekends for November and December and have decided to open those up to “make us an offer” weddings. If you’ve got a short notice wedding, on a tight budget, but still desire professional coverage, give us a call and tell us the budget. We can’t promise to work with all budgets,…

Blog Update – Dunafon Castle Slideshow fixed

Since I had a meeting about a potential wedding at Dunafon Castle for next year I went looking at my old blog post of the event from this last July – and noticed that the slideshow didn’t make it across from some reason when I setup this blog and imported everything from the old blog…