Just wanted to make a short post about what’s going on with Mark Hayes Photography and at the studio. 

The senior sessions the last two months has been and overwhelming success.  I think next year we’ll vary the offerings on this one a bit, from a simpler low end package to a higher end package with more items.  

On the 20th we’re participating in The Roseina Hester Transplant Fund Benefit Dinner.   Roseina is the mother of dear friend and makeup artist Diana Laree.   The studio will have two gift certificates in the silent auction, one for $100 and the other for a session and 24 custom holiday cards (approx value $250 for session and cards).

We’re tearing about the studio over the next two weeks.  
When we first moved in there was so much space for shooting, that’s what we did with 2/3’s of the space. Guest areas and storage got stuck into 1/3 of the space.  The downside of this is it left us with very little display space to show our work.  So we’ve moved the shooting area into 1/3 of the space – the side with the windows to make the best use of natural light shooting as well as strobes.  The middle section is now storage and changing area.  Which leaves the end 1/3 for office, client and display space.

So now that we have this much space we’re working on making the display area nicer and having at least one example of every product we off on display.  It might take a few months but stuff has already started arriving – now I just need to get the displays built and painted. 🙂

We’re Projecting
While the online proofing galleries work to an extent – it’s a small image and only shows as good as the monitor on your computer.  We’ve invested in a projector setup so we can begin doing selection reviews in the studio.  This will allow us to show clients how the image will look in different sizes as well as make it easier to see the subtle differences between some shots.  

We plan on making our review sessions 5-7 days after the shoot.   If you place an order at the review session you’ll receive a 10% discount on your order.  If you need time to think we’ll then upload the images (at least the ones you selected as either yes or maybe’s) onto the online client gallery.  Clients don’t have to schedule a review session, but we strongly believe this is the best way to make your selections.  It’s only way to get the only standing % discount we offer on product.  

Price and Product Updates

Look for a detailed blog post next week but we’ve finalized our product offerings for the 2009 year as well as settled on portrait session prices as well as our wedding prices for the rest of 2008 and 2009.  

This also leads to……

Website Updates

We’ll be rolling out two new sub sites soon.   By the end of October the Fine Art site should be online with works of art created over the last few years available for view as well as puchase of prints and fine art note cards.   

To handle these new products we’re also working on a section that will be the combined products and services site for the other three sections (portrait, wedding, fine art).  So in this one section you’ll find pricing on all our services, detailed product descriptions and costs, client proofing galleries and a studio calendar.  

Weekly Offerings

In order to expand our portfolio in several areas we will be running weekly special offerings between now and the end of November.  These will be posted on the blog every Monday morning and will apply to sessions booked during that week.  You only need to book and pay your session fee during that week, you can schedule the session for a later date if you wish (with the exception of certain location offers).  

Hints at what’s coming for those specials, newborns & babies, costumed kids, formal kids, holiday cards, lucky dogs, tree trimming.