Now for something completely different………

Sometimes it’s fun to do something different, and working with Jessica at J-Chans designs almost is always different.  This time it wasn’t tea parties, but rather egyptian pharaohs with the help of Massachusetts model Jeffery Forlorn.  

A great model and superb make up artist and designer makes an easy job for a photographer.  

Setup – shot in a living room.  The back wall is the back side of one of my studio muslins (the hyroglyphs added in post) and the sarcophagus is a bookcase.  

Lighting was doing by a very simple two speedlight setup.   One pointed into a 6′ umprella to camera left.  The other with a snoot hitting the gold on the sarcophagus to give it just a little extra pop.  

These next two are right out of camera, totally unedited.  

Edited to add:
Camera used was the Canon 5D and the lens used for 80% of this series was the 85mm F1.2 L (and the 50mm F1.4 picked up the slack) and shot wide open at about F2.0.