Monday Special Offer – The 'tweens

This weeks special offer was inspired by my granddaughter and a recent photo of her. 

There’s always the big push to photograph the kids when they are younger and of course there’s many milestones from 15-18 worthy of a session, but what about those in between, the ‘tweens.  

The ‘tweens are no longer children and not close to adulthood, yet they are coming into a sense of who they are.  

To celebrate the ‘tweens if you call or email us to schedule a session for a child aged 8-14 we’ll deduct $50 from the session fee.  That makes it free for a weekday session and $50 for a weekend session.  This is effective from today 10/13 until Sunday 10/19.

You don’t have to do the shoot in this timeframe, just schedule the shoot.