Site Revamp

We’ve tweaked the main website about for a different look. Brought the portrait and wedding sides together into a single combined set of pages with a cleaner interface. Looks like everything is over. We’ll be tweaking the images over the next month or two as well as adding a new gallery to showcase some of our templates, custom cards, and shooting styles.

This site is another bludomain site. We still have the templates for the other sites we’ve been using and we may bring them back from time to time. We decided to stay with the bludomain sites since we already have quite and investment in them and they offer a wide variety of styles and their support has been much better of late.

We did retire the showitsite we where testing. While we really loved the ease of use and the uniqueness of it, just couldn’t come up with enough reasons to dump blu for it. I do expect to revisit this decision early next year to see if I want to change my mind.

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  • Mark

    It’s funny – but right now I’m very much regretting the decision to cancel the showit site. There was just something about what they offered that appealed to me I think on a level beyond simple appearance. I might have to re-think this sooner rather than later.