Kristy and Kevin

In wedding photography referrals is among the primary sources of new clients, but it’s an extra special honor when that referral comes not from a former client but rather another wedding photographer. This was the case with Kristy and Kevin.

This was my first wedding at the Latter-Day Saints temple and not being able to cover the service didn’t slow us down once they came out into the world as husband and wife. Surrounded by family and friends it was a wonderful moment.

Then it was off to The Club at Pradera in Parker for the luncheon and some shots around the greens.

It’s always an honor to be part of a young couples special day, and Kristy and Kevin this was certainly no exception. Both your families filled with wonderful people and with your love bringing the two families together I know it was the beginning of a grand story.

Random Trivia. on a related note when my wife saw the pictures she recognized the temple right away and started telling me a bit about it. In the early to middle 80’s she worked as an electrical drafter and worked on the team that designed the interior and exterior lighting on the temple.

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  • Kristy

    The pictures look great. Kevin and I have been in San Diego this past week on our honeymoon. We will be flying back to Wyoming tomorrow and we’ll definately touch base in the next couple days. Thank you for everything you did.