Slideshow Special Offers for November – Picture Book, DVD, iPod video

The software that I use to create those nice little slideshows has added a lot of new features and the media lab is cutting their prices on some items until December 1st.  To make it even better we’ve slash our profit as well in order to get some of these in clients hands.  

Regardless of if it’s a book or DVD they will only contain the images in the slideshow.  

Your slideshow must have either the DVD or Book icon showing



If it doesn’t let me know and I’ll rebuild your slideshow to include it and update the blog post that your slideshow was in. 

I didn’t do slideshows on all of the senior sessions – if I didn’t do one for you just drop me a note and I’ll take care of it. 

So what are the things you can get from this. 

DVD.  Playable on your TV or computer – the same slideshow you see here but on the big screen.  
$59 +S&H  (Regular Price $199)


Don’t want to bother with the disc.  You can buy the Digital Download version of the slideshow. 
MPEG-4 iPod Video (640×480).   Perfect for the iPhone or iPod touch.
$49 (Regular Price $129)


5×5 Book.   This is new and really cool.  $49 plus $1 per image + S&H.   Most slideshows have 20-40 images.  (Regular Price $99 plus $1 per image)