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Jackson's Dad

OK, so I have this hang-up sometimes with names.  When I was a IT network administrator I could often remember a random password assigned to a user when I couldn’t remember their first name.  So I when I do learn someone’s name anybody new in association to them gets tagged by that relationship.  So Stephen was Jackson’s dad and Carleen was Jackson’s mom when I first met them.

Stephen, aka Jackson’s Dad, does a fair amount of speaking for his company and needed some new professional head-shots for the website as well as to send out to branch offices for using in printed materials.  We shot for a feeling of professionalism yet with some warmth and likability – a trusted advisor instead of an elite executive laying down the law.  Of course Stephen being a nice likable guy actually made this pretty easy.

And of course the last shot here is just because I’m weak willed and can’t shoot much of anything without taking a least a single shot and doing something extra with it.

Professional Headshots

Stephen, stylized headshot

Stephen, stylized headshot

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