On Faith's Wings – J Lyn

First a little backstory since this was from before I started blogging. 
At the beginning of 2008 I did some work for Shades Model Management and Poise Events.  While shooting the cover for their launch event I had the pleasure of J Lyn.    


Poise Launch Event Flyer

Poise Launch Event Flyer

J Lyn was also the first model to shoot in the Lincoln street studio.   

Having this chance to work with her before she moved to New York City was a great experience.

Now besides being an excellent model J Lyn has an amazing amount of various talent.   
and an amazing charcoal sketch artist.  

With her sketches she captures the drawing process on video and then sets it to a soundtrack.  Her most recent creation, “On Faith’s Wings” has a political tie in but regardless of your red or blue standings I hope you can get past that to enjoy the amazing tribute to an historical event she has created with this artwork.

Also be sure to check out other videos:

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