Dunafon Castle: Favorite Vendors – Venues

Dunafon Castle: Favorite Vendors – Venues

My first post under the Favorite Vendors category so let me say something about the favorite vendors category in general.

Outstanding weddings aren’t just the result of a single great vendor but rather the meshing of multiple vendors.   Venue, catering, floral, music, make up artists, limousine service, wedding planners, and of course the photography to capture all this.  This category is to recognize those outstanding service providers in these other areas besides photography – although I’m likely to review a photographer or two over time as well.

Dunafon Castle One of the most unique venues I’ve ever had the pleasure to cover a wedding at.  I covered my first wedding there in July 2008 and about 50 more since then.  If you’re looking for a Colorado Castle for your wedding, this has to be your first stop.

Dunafon Castle

Nestled between Morrison and Evergreen this is just an amazing venue hidden in the valley.  I used to live not 5 miles from this spot and never knew it was there.

It’s no mistake that the blog I did for the ’08 wedding there was named, “Fairytale Wedding”.  Being on the grounds is like stepping into a romanticized fairy-tale era castle or noble estate.

The Gazebo area is surrounded by a small moat with a footbridge connecting it to the main walkway area. Often used for the ceremony with guests seated across the moat and/or a wonderful location for the bride and grooms first dance.

The large pond at Dunafon Castle was an excellent setting for numerous photos of the bride and groom as well as the group portraits.

The sun going down doesn’t end the beauty of this place one bit.   The light the grounds and the building beautifully.

Dunafon Castle

The castle interior is every bit as grand as the exterior and shows a stong celtic influence in style.

Dunafon Castle

So for a wedding venue a stop above the rest, Dunafon Castle is simply one of the best wedding venues in Colorado.

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