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Retainer Split

OK, raise your hands if this last year was tough on you financially.    Yup, I thought so.  Same here.  

With the holidays fast approaching I realize the wedding date retainer of $1000 can be tough and might impact family holiday plans.   Since I resemble Santa Claus a lot more than Mr. Scrooge I wanted to make this exception to my normal retainer policy.  

You date will be locked in with $500 paid towards the retainer and a signed contract.   The remaining $500 will be due in 90 days with the balance of your package due 2 weeks before your wedding as normal.   This assumes of course your wedding is at least 3 months away.  

We can even setup the billing through Pictage and you can pay by debit or credit on these amounts.

This is only an option until the end of the year.  Come January 1st it’s back to normal.