Sample Albums

With moving so my blogs around a few times this last year I think I’ve lost a few posts dealing with my sample album layouts, so to catch up here’s a few from this year. 

Sam & Sara’s wedding at Dunafon Castle sample album spread. In many ways this one is almost too easy with a venue like this.


Samantha and Matts album from their Colorado Springs wedding.  I really like this since it’s one of the few church weddings I’ve actually shot this year.   Indoors with available light certainly puts a the gear and lenses (as well as photographer) to the test.  


and the Final copy of Mari and Kliffs album – which I have also recently used for a studio sample. This is one of my favorites because it shows beautiful weddings come in all sizes and styles.  A field just outside of Cheyenne – surrounded by friends, family, and gods beautiful countryside (and rainbow).  This is really what it’s all about.