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Khidija – Headshot Session

Khidija is a wonderful local actress who was referred to me by another client for some professional headshots.

A few things separate headshots from a normal portrait sessions. Usually there’s little or no photoshop “special effects” – none of my signature vintage, textures, or stylings are used. The idea being to capture the subject for a clean look for portfolio 8×10’s and comp cards.

The other main difference is in the handling of files from the results of the shoot. With a portrait session the hope is that the client will buy some prints, a memory book, maybe a piece of wall art. If they love everything maybe they enquire about purchasing the disk of images. For a headshot the subject isn’t looking for art prints, but files they can use for comp cards and bulk printing of 8×10’s. Depending on the deal they will either get a set amount of files or the option to purchase individual files much cheaper than what is normally charged for portrait files.

Khidija also brought in a make up artist, Kristina, for this shoot – which is always a wonderful asset when doing this style of work. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kristina as both a model and a makeup artist on several occasions and her work on this shoot really produced some excellent results.

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  • Beautiful portraits, Mark!