John and Natasha

Every once in a while you come across a couple where you just tell yourself, I have to shoot their wedding. John and Natasha is just such a couple.

When I first talked to Natasha on the phone she was stressed, nervous, and trying to put together a wedding in a few weeks instead of the months they had planned on. There was a relocation to another state on the horizon and the job hunting that goes with that. When I told her what we’d to to help out I could hear at least a little of that stress fade away.

When I met Natasha at the studio to go over details I knew I made the right decision. This one one of those weddings that I just HAD to shoot. Her excitement was simply infectious. Many things had started falling into place with the help of her church and friends.

The wedding day arrived and I met up with Natasha at her hair dresser. Then it was off to the church, the University Church of Christ. While bobbing around between the bride and the groom before the ceremony I caught the musicians start to warm up, and was overjoyed when they started playing the familiar notes of “Christmas Canon” – one of my favorite holiday songs, that was the song Natasha would be shortly walking down the isle to.

John and Natasha, I hope your new home and jobs are perfect matches for you and hope you two have a magnificent life together. It was truly and honor to document your wedding for you.

We’ll be processing images for a few more days with the holidays and all but here’s a little something to hold you through.

  • Mark – such beautiful images that really tell a story, you have captured the love and personality of this stunning couple. Very inspirational. Leah

  • Felicia

    John and Natasha congrats! John, you are my best friend since FVSU baby! I am so happy for you both. Natasha, please take care of my best friend. Sorry I was unable to make it to the wedding. I am sure we all will go meet and go on trips. John, you are the brother I never had. Love you John! xoxoxoxo