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Holiday Cards – Deanna and Elizabeth

One of the clients I had do a holiday card session was my dear friend Deanna and her lovely daughter Elizabeth. These may well be my favorite cards of the year – guys it was great working with you, as always, and I’m so thrilled you loved the results. First a few of the images…

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  • I like the christmas card designs. very nice!

Eric Senior Photos

Eric’s senior session was my final one for 2008 – but we ended on a high note. One of the things I really enjoyed about working with Eric was the range of his interests. His business careers goals for after graduation, mixed with the creative aspects of his music. Of course the fact that my…

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  • Great photos! I especially like the first one, perfect background and a gaze to the future.. 🙂

Christmas Memories

When I think back to my favorite Christmas memories the really goods ones seem to all revolve around the memories of time spent with friends and family and not so much about gifts or anything like that. It’s those moments that make the holidays special. With the troubled financial times this year things are lean…

Khidija – Headshot Session

Khidija is a wonderful local actress who was referred to me by another client for some professional headshots. A few things separate headshots from a normal portrait sessions. Usually there’s little or no photoshop “special effects” – none of my signature vintage, textures, or stylings are used. The idea being to capture the subject for…

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  • Beautiful portraits, Mark!


Now, it is especailly a time for Thanksgiving. When times get a little tough, is a good time to give thanks… thanks for what we have, for our abundance of love and family and friends. No matter what the world throws at you, with family and friends you can make it through somehow. Expressions of…

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  • Happy Thanksgiving, Mark. My love to you and to Linda. You two definitely belong on my list of things I am thankful for! Love you. Jaz