2008 – A year in review

Wow what a year.
Retired from the Dumb Friends League.
Moved from a 230sqft studio to an 1800sqft studio.
Poise and Shades Model Management
Fashion Shows
J-Chans Designs
My first chance to attend a Furry Scurry
Senior Photos
Wedding Fever
Stock and Getty
and the creative projects.

I fired a little over 30,000 frames this last year. Giving a simple top 10 would be hardly fitting.
So below is just a glimpse of this year. It may be a slow loader.

  • Wow, look at all those images…very impressive! Your photography is awesome..

  • Ok I am total love with you work! Especially the studio and senior work…AMAZING!!! What a fantastic slideshow !

  • Awesome work. Keep up the good job. I am a B schooler and would appreciate a hit back on mine. http://www.photosbynick.com/blog

  • wow congrats on a prosperous 2008! love your work!

  • ok that’s a lot of photos! great stuff Mark – hope next year is even better!

  • Your work is gorgeous! Congratulations on a fabulous year.

  • Nice stuff!

  • your portrait and wedding photography is awesome! The different lighting techniques blows me away, you now have a blogstalker 🙂 hope your 2009 is even better than 2008!

  • Amazing! Love your fashion work!

  • I love your fashion shots! Awesome makeup too!

  • Awesome set of work!!!!!!

  • killer portfolio! you have some very nice images there. hoping 2009 will even be better

  • And how many of that 30,000 are mine? Great job Mark! I’m very impressed with what you’ve accomplished within a year. Don’t give up!

  • Mark

    If I where to break it down by the numbers I’d guess your stuff Jessica makes up an huge piece of that, if only because the outfits are so cool I take far more shots than needed.

  • Fantastic variety of portraits!