Perspective – Christmas Family Photos

I really hadn’t planned on doing a photo session on Christmas day. Oh I had thought about it, and considered that it might be worth a premium price. But this last year my family has made a lot of sacrifices because of the business and the studio. I didn’t want to to anything to impact this holiday in which time with family means so much.

So when Angela called and asked if I could come by their family get together Christmas night I was on the verge of refusing, but for one small detail which I started thinking about. One of the family members was in the services and was being deployed shortly after the holiday.

It made me ponder the hardships myself and my family had to go through this last year version that of having a loved one in harms way. Having enough empathy to put yourself in anothers shoes is often a great ability and lets you sometimes see that no matter how rough you have it, others also have difficult times in many different ways.

So on the way home from our family get together (I’m still eating the cookies Sara) we swung by and spent some time with a strangers family. In a season of giving and goodwill towards men, I think we had the best Christmas of all.

  • That was so nice of you to do this for the family, Mark! The pictures turned out well. I especially like the last one.

  • They turned out great! Good work!