Sine Cera

Since it’s a slow time of year I was archiving some material and realized during part of this year I was very lax about blogging some of my creative work.   So I thought before things got too busy with 2009 I’d do some last minute 2008 catch-up posts. 

As a photographer I consider myself blessed to have a lot of friends that love getting creative in front of the camera.   Regardless of if it’s old or new friends their sense of creativity and art is wonderful to work with when the goal is simply to produce something that makes you go WOW.  These art sessions are vital for photographers, it gives us a chance to try new things and experiment without the same risk as trying something untested with a paying client.  

One of my friends is an amazing local model named Sara.   Besides being a wonderful model she has become just about family to me and my wife so she often finds herself tapped to be in front of my lens.

Last year Sara had a project that she wanted to work on that produced a few of my favorite images from 2009.  The first half, Sine Cera, is some simple but lovely shots both in studio and on location.  

Hope you enjoy, Sine Cera.   Later this week I’ll post the follow up, Through the Looking Glass. 

The next one is another version of this file, but using some shading and layer techniques I picked up from a conference by the Sallee’s.   

  • wow, great lighting and perfect outdoor portraits. keep them coming!

  • Oh, my goodness! The very last one is beautiful! (and so is she) Great photo.

  • OOOO, the last one is awesome! Love the light! Love the sticks.

  • Wow she is gorgeous! I love the last photo and the third one. Lovely work 🙂

  • Lovveeee the last one!!! awesome!!!

  • Great work on these. The last one is my favorite.

  • She looks like an exotic beauty. My favorite is the sepia toned image but all are gorgeous!

  • gorgeous! I love the color in the images so rich.

  • Absolutely stunning! I LOVE the last shot, so, so beautiful.