We The People

  • A short from a stock series last summer. No matter what your political followings I find this transition of power, this most dramatic working of democracy in action, to be a profound and moving moment.

  • It was a profound day, wish I hadn’t been too busy to highlight it on my blog. I wanted to and then the day just slipped by while I was trying to experience it all and get work done at the same time!

    Great image too, btw.

  • Hey Mark, thanks for the comment! I love the picture at the top of the blog witht eh cookie! Very memorabale, is that you?

  • Mark

    Yes that’s yours truly. There’s something about a photographer, boredom, and remote cable release that lead to some strange self portraits.

  • Very beautiful shot, the lighting and details are so clear and vivid. This has to be one of the best stock photographs I’ve seen from you.