People and Animals

Last week I had the pleasure to work with my former employer and favorite non-profit, the Dumb Friends League.   A staple of the Denver animal welfare scene since 1910 the name of the League goes back to a time when dumb more commonly meant “cannot speak”, their motto being “Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.”

Every now and again we take a bunch of lights and head down to the shelter to grab some “people with animals” shots to use for various League publications.   If you receive “Pet Tales” the leagues quarterly magazine you’ve probably seem more of my work than you realize.  

The focus of these sheets is to hi-light the human/animal bond.  Thanks to all the magnificent staff, volunteers and children of staff who cam in for this project. 

This Sunday look for the Leagues “Pledges for Pets Telethon” on UPN 20 on Fox 31 from noon to 5pm.  

Taking in over 28,000 animal last year their placement rate of healthy animals is one of the highest in the country for an open admission shelter.   But that kind of amazing success takes money.   Doesn’t matter if you’re local or a visitor from around the globe, if you’ve ever loved a pet why don’t you take just a moment and go donate a couple of dollars.

  • Great cause you are working for, and I love these photos! 🙂 The cat ones especially! 😀

  • nice work :0)

  • Awww, these are so adorable. Look at the love these animals bring 😉

  • Wow – you’ve inspired me to make some calls to animal charities in my area. Love the interaction you’ve captured between the people and the animals.