22nd Anniversary and Porthos

As our 22nd anniversary showed up on the horizon my wife and I starting discussing what we wanted to do to celebrate. Since I’ve been dealing with a bad case of pneumonia this last month we really didn’t plan on doing much – hospital stays and frequent follow up visits along with recovery has been the big focus this month, however I am doing very much better now.

What we did discuss is the hole in our lives since we lost Luna, our white german shepherd who we both loved dearly just over a year ago. While Luna lived to a nice old age and had a good life, it’s been a tough year getting over that and getting ready to move one. Well we’ve decided to do that and to bring a dog into our lives.

While we loved our german shepherd, for this dog we took a lot into consideration, our lifestyles now, size of place, my slight allergies and researched the breeds for a bit before settling on a Bichon Frise. Yeah a lot more “foo foo” dog than the german shepherd was, but a dog well suited to our current life.

So without further ado I present the newest addition of the family, Porthos (from the Three Musketeers).

Since I had to swing by the studio to pick up a lens for an engagement shoot tomorrow we of course had to bring Porthos along to grab a few studio shots with him.

  • AWWW!! We had a bichon growing up. His name was Lucky. I miss him!!!! (No, he didn’t die. My mom & dad gave him away without telling us while away at college. I still haven’t fully recovered. haha) Have fun with Porthos!!! Congrats.

  • I was wondering who that adorable puppy was in your MySpace photos! I love the little smile he’s got in the last picture with Linda hugging him.

    Where did you get him?

  • Definitely opposite of moose, but very cute and cuddly none the less! Love the name too 🙂

  • brantley freeman

    Aww how sweet! I love your newest addition. We have a little chihuahua! Growing up we had a german shepherd that I loved so so much! Enjoy all the love these sweet creatures give back! 🙂