Denver Becker Session

One aspect of a career in photography that I really like is the chance to continue your education and network with your peers.   I had just such a chance this week when I took part if a day of education and networking hosted by one of my favorite wedding photographers, Becker.

Some of my awesome peers who made it to the meeting:
Ash Marie

Kim Nodurft

Jackie Blair

Jonathan P. Freeman

Christina Gressianu

What set this day apart from other classes and seminars I’ve attended was that this wasn’t 30-200 photographers in an event center with a speaker on a microphone and using a slide show.   This was a half dozen people sitting in a living room and communicating with each other.   The ideas and inspiration kicked around the room where truly priceless and I’m hoping to put many ideas into place quickly in my business to be able to better serve my clients.

While the day was focused on business you can’t get a handful of photographers in one place without glass coming out at least for a while.

Thanks to a local couple we all got a chance to see Becker work his style of relaxed portraits.

Denver engagement session

After that Becker grabbed a quick portrait of each of the attending photographers.   I won’t deny a little joy at having a portrait shot with the [b]ecker logo on it.

Denver Wedding Photographer Mark Hayes

Of course then everyone got to turn their lenses on [b] for a few shots.   I’m guess from sessions like this he has more “relaxed portraits” of himself than any of his brides do. 🙂    I wonder if posing for those shots sometimes gets to him.



Nah, I’m sure it never gets old to him.


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  • great pics! seriously nice job. =) Great meeting you! I like that opening shot with the cookie. =)