Something different

I had an interesting break today from the normal weddings and such that I normally do.   


First up was Marina, a wonderful woman I met a few years ago while working on a pageant for a local russian newspaper.  Seems Marina and her mother now work on russian fashion clothes for collector dolls.   So the morning was spent with Marina dressing up her dolls for me to shoot.  

Actually it was fun to dig out the macro lens I usually just save for wedding rings shots and get it some good use on something else.  

Marina hasn’t finished her website yet so I’ll post again and give her a link later on. 

collector doll clothing

After Marina I had just enough time to swap lenses before Jessica of J-Chan’s Designs .  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jessica for a few years now, photographing her once of a kind fashion designs both for her website, catalog and various magazine articles.   

Today though would be a little different, we’d be working on some new shots of Jessica herself as well as my old buddy Moose, Jessica’s dog.  

Since Moose needed less time in front of the mirror we went ahead and got a few shots of him first.  

Dog portraits

Of course it didn’t take long for Moose to loose interest so we’ll get some outdoor shots of him at a future session.  

Then some work with Jessica.   Usually she’s on the back side of a shoot, helping the model, pinning clothes or doing makeup so it was fun to get her on the far side of the lens for a change.   

J-Chan's Designs