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Pre-Wedding Photographers Checklist

I mentioned on twitter (@hayesphoto) something about my pre-wedding checklist not long ago and another photographer commented on that.   So figuring that someone found it interesting  I’d post since other’s out there might benefit from it, or comment back with their own additions. So for me the day before the wedding is gear check…

Catfest – Help Support the Dumb Friends League animal shelter with photographer Jaime Rowe

Most people know I spent 15 years working for the largest (and in my opinion one of the absolute best) animal welfare organizations in the rocky mountain region, the Dumb Friends League. After 15 years the place is more family than just a former employer and love to help them out whenever they ask. So…

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Too good to be true – part 2

Last year I wrote a post, Too good to be true, in which much of the post was devoted to bait and switch camera dealers online and in certain photography magazines (many of which are far more paid ads for dealers than they are magazines with articles for consumers).   A recent event made me…

  • Mark,

    It’s nice to see this posted online. I get a request like this every week. If the email is written in broken English or if the client refuses to meet me face to face, I don’t respond to these folks. This scheme has been going on for years.

    Best of luck!

    Mountain View Photo

  • Mark

    Yeah I get them all the time as well. Just normally hit the delete key without a second thought. If it hadn’t been for seeing a friend excitedly posting about the offer they received I’d have just forgotten about it. But after that I figured there’s others out there who haven’t been hit yet and sometimes the desire for those jobs early on clouds normally good common sense.

Night Shooting with Illuminate Workshops

Earlier this month my wife and I took some time to go one a monthly photowalk that Efrain from Illuminate Workshops organizes every month free of charge.    This photowalk was down at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Despite the fact that I shoot professionally as a Denver wedding photographer, I still…

  • now those are gorgeous shots. I could definitely see how you can use these skills in wedding photography/engagements as well. that is awesome that you have this ws available. I am scheduleed to do the “One Light” ws this fall.

  • Mark, these are amazing. I’m just a little bit jealous of the cool landscape and your amazingly starry nights out there. Here we have a nice orange north-east haze at night. Sigh.