Christies of Genesee – Deb and Steve's Colorado Wedding

Normally when I blog about a wedding I like to give a little blog lovin to the other vendors that helped make the event special for the couple, but in my haste to get some images ready for my friends Deborah and Steve I overlooked the other vendors a bit, so here’s a post to fix that.


Christies of Genesee

Despite being such a popular Colorado Wedding venue this was actually my first time shooting there.   I was struck by not only how lovely their little garden was but by how pleasant and professional the staff was.

Christies of Genesee

Christies of Genesee

Wedding Officiant

James Anderson
Lyssabeth’s Colorado Wedding Officiants

These are the people you call when you don’t have a family minister, or at least not in Colorado if it’s a destination wedding.  I don’t know if all of Lyssabeth’s officiants are as nice as James, but if they’re even close they’ll be an excellent resource for any bride.

Colorado Wedding Officiant


Kimball Floral

Sue Kimball did a wonderful job coming up with a simple yet elegant arrangement that complimented the bride wonderfully.

colorado wedding flowers


Mulberries Cake Shop

I’ve been to several weddings now where instead of traditional cakes the couple opted for a “cup cake” cake.   While at first you might think these are much easier to do, you have to remember to take into account the time it must take to decorate each cupcake, in this case uniquely.    Beautiful design and delicious.

wedding cake


And while I love covering weddings I couldn’t always provide the coverage I do without the assistance of some talented local photographers.   For this wedding I was lucky enough to have two photographers working with me.

First up my wife assisted on this one.  Besides being a good photographer Linda also has trained as a graphic designer and has a wonderful eye for composition.

Also helping out was Shannon of Shalynne Imaging. An excellent photographer with a wonderful eye for details, it’s always a pleasure to have Shannon on the team.


What, no photos of me.   Of course not, I’m like a Ninja – moving quietly through the wedding with inhuman stealth.
OK, would you believe any shots with me in it didn’t make the cut.   🙂
So how about a point and shoot pic of my wife and I with the bride to be at the pre-wedding celebration.

Mark Hayes Photography & Bride

If considering a Colorado Mountain Destination wedding take a peek at our vendor page for Christies of Genesee

  • Mark,

    On behalf of Jim Anderson and all the officiants At Lyssabeth’s Colorado Wedding officiants, thank you for your kind words. And, yes, I’m happy to say that all of my officiants are as nice and enthusiastic as Jim is!

  • lol…you are totally Ninja! Great to see Shannon helping out, her photography is equally impressive as her modeling.