Night Shooting with Illuminate Workshops

Earlier this month my wife and I took some time to go one a monthly photowalk that Efrain from Illuminate Workshops organizes every month free of charge.    This photowalk was down at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Despite the fact that I shoot professionally as a Denver wedding photographer, I still think it’s important to find time to shoot for fun and for creative exploration.   Besides often the things I learn shooting for myself are things that I can translate and use for clients in their wedding coverage.

Now while I’ve been to Garden of the Gods many times, it has been a few years, and I’ve never been there at night.   We did cut our stay short, something about 20 photographers with tripods and Porthos on a leash was a logistical error that I hadn’t ponder until I thought about how much damage he could do the first time a chipmunk caused him to make a full speed burst and the damage that would do to the good working relationship I have with my insurance agent.

Still we managed to grab a few fun shots.

Garden of the Gods

moonrise over Garden of the Gods

Moonrise over Garden of the Gods

And in case you’re thinking stuff like this isn’t doable without top of the line pro gear, this was shot on one of my old back up cameras, a canon Rebel, with a non-pro lens – and the most important tool, a tripod.

I hear rumors July’s night walk will be downtown and involve fireworks……….

  • now those are gorgeous shots. I could definitely see how you can use these skills in wedding photography/engagements as well. that is awesome that you have this ws available. I am scheduleed to do the “One Light” ws this fall.

  • Mark, these are amazing. I’m just a little bit jealous of the cool landscape and your amazingly starry nights out there. Here we have a nice orange north-east haze at night. Sigh.