Catfest – Help Support the Dumb Friends League animal shelter with photographer Jaime Rowe

Most people know I spent 15 years working for the largest (and in my opinion one of the absolute best) animal welfare organizations in the rocky mountain region, the Dumb Friends League. After 15 years the place is more family than just a former employer and love to help them out whenever they ask.

So it was with no little disappointment that when they asked if I would be  setting up a booth on their Catfest event on July 11th and I had to decline. Being a wedding photographer here in Colorado summer Saturdays are more often than not booked with a wedding, and this was the case.

So not being able to attend I opted for the next best thing, and that was putting them in touch with whom I think is one of the best pet photographers I’ve ever met, Jaime Rowe.

Jaime isn’t one to photograph your loved pet like you’ve seen at certain “pet supermarkets” on their photography days where they setup a mini-set and then production line the dogs and cats.   While these “production lines” do a fair job of documenting what your pet looks like, that’s about it.   Jaime Rowe’s photography is focused on capturing your pets “purr-sonality”.   OK, I’m sorry for that pun, I did mention 15 years at a shelter right?

Described as a modern pet photographer I think of what she does as lifestyle pet photography.   She doesn’t put your pet in a “mini set” where  she can capture their looks, but rather works with them (and you) on location to capture the personality of your dog or cat, that part of them that makes them a part of your family.

I’m told that if you book one of Jaime’s “Close to Home Packages” during this event 5% of the proceeds goes to the Dumb Friends League.

So go check out Jaime’s blog and website and I have no doubt you’ll see just what a gifted artist Jaime is.   Then head on down to the League and support the animals by indulging in some outstanding photography.


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