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New Gallery Pages and WordPress 2.8

Seems there’s something in the control panel for the new gallery slideshows that just isn’t right with WordPress 2.8 yet.   The slide shows seem to work fine, but on the control panel there is no “save changes” button anymore.   To top it off I did manage to get it reset to stock settings…

New Gallery Pages

I’ve done something a little new and instead of sending people who want to see more wedding gallery work than just individual blog posts to another site, I’ve brought the galleries over here.   Several new galleries added as posts and with a menu option from the top.    I’ve back dated a few –…

Bridal Session

Normally I always try and setup an engagement shoot with any couple I’m photographing a wedding for.   It’s more than just “extra photos” but a chance for them to work with me, and me with them.  It’s great to get that out of the way before the wedding day. Daliana and Kyle have their…

Shave and a Haircut – 2 bits

OK, a few days ago I posted a before picture of how scruffy Porthos can get after just about 2 months in between clips, so just to show the difference here’s a few after pics.    

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  • Awwww… how cute..! I know the feeling. We have a little bull terrier that we adore and when we go on vacation it’s heartbreaking just to leave her. We actually put her up at ‘The Pet Lodge’ in New York where we watch her every move online. They have rooms with videocams..! Funny, right…! Awwww… Porthos is adorable..!!



Christies of Genesee – Deb and Steve's Colorado Wedding

Normally when I blog about a wedding I like to give a little blog lovin to the other vendors that helped make the event special for the couple, but in my haste to get some images ready for my friends Deborah and Steve I overlooked the other vendors a bit, so here’s a post to…

  • Mark,

    On behalf of Jim Anderson and all the officiants At Lyssabeth’s Colorado Wedding officiants, thank you for your kind words. And, yes, I’m happy to say that all of my officiants are as nice and enthusiastic as Jim is!

  • lol…you are totally Ninja! Great to see Shannon helping out, her photography is equally impressive as her modeling.