She Said Yes – Ryan and Maggie's anytime/engagement session

Sometimes in being a wedding and portrait photographer you get to meet some amazing people, Ryan and Maggie are just such a pair of people.

Ryan contacted me a few weeks ago to do a photo session of Maggie and himself on the 4th of July.   Since the day was one of my few Saturdays this month that wasn’t booked for a wedding I readily agreed, and once I found out more of the details I was thrilled that I did.

See it was really going to be an engagement session, but Maggie didn’t know that since they weren’t engaged yet.  Ryan would be proposing during the day and wanted me there to capture that for them.

So we met up at Denver Botanic Gardens and the session started off like any normal portrait session, lots of cute  couples pictures in the gardens.

Denver Botanic Gardens Engagement Session

Of course Ryan was getting a little nervous, waiting for a special moment he had planned.   Then we heard it, the sound of an approaching plane.   Knowing it was coming we had kept to open areas so we could watch for it’s approach.

When it was close enough Ryan pointed the plane out to Maggie and she read the banner it pulled behind it, “Maggie I love you.  Will you marry me. Ryan”.  As the words sunk in Ryan dropped to one knee and asked Maggie to marry him, when she said yes he placed the engagement ring on her finger.

Denver Botanic Gardens proposal

Denver Botanic Gardens Engagement Session

Of course by this time Maggie has teared up, my wife Linda is fighting back the tears, and me, I’m sticking with the story that it was just allergies that might have caused my eyes to water during this amazing moment.

Fortunately the plane made several more passes allowing us a few more shots with it.   Of course by this time everyone in the gardens knew that somewhere there was a “Maggie and Ryan” getting engaged today and countless volunteers, staff and people just walking the gardens stopped and asked if it was them throughout the rest of the day.

Denver Botanic Gardens Engagement Session

Since Ryan didn’t have any recent portraits of Maggie we fixed that, along with a shot of Maggie showing off her new ring.


The rest of the session was simply being nearby to capture two people in love and being together.

Denver Botanic Gardens Engagement Session

Denver Botanic Gardens Engagement Session

After we had parted company, Ryan and Maggie off to lunch and to call family and friends with the good news, it was the overheard comment of someone else that really summed it up far better than I could myself.

Another guest at the gardens had seen the plane, and had heard about the couple getting engaged, and they simply said, “Someone’s life changed in there today”.

And that comment by a stranger passing by in so many ways sums up what is the most wonderful part of doing what I do.  Maggie and Ryan’s lifes did change today, and I was there to witness, be a part of, and to document and record for them, their family and friends, and future generations this change.   I could write volumes about what this job means to me, but I would never sum it up better than that.

Ryan and Maggie, I know you’re going to have a wonderful life together.  Thank you for entrusting me to capture this moment in your lives together.

Denver wedding photographer engagement session

While Denver Botanic Gardens is a wonderful wedding venue for Denver weddings, this day it was an excellent location for a special engagement photography session.

  • Mark, these are wonderful and how special to be a part of a moment like that! I love all the emotion you have captured- Ryan and Maggie will treasure these!

  • This is such a beautiful story! What a treasure that you were there to capture the special day for this gorgeous couple. Love the colors in that first image!


  • what a wonderful story, and what beautiful photographs.
    you were very blessed to be part of such a special moment in their lives. great job.

  • awww i love these, beautiful story, and so sweet!!

  • Mark, great session. Its allways fun to photograph real moments, and it turned out amazing.

  • Mark,

    Well done! Wish I could have flown you to new york for my proposal!!!