Free Version of Show It Sites

David Jay has taken his marketing plan for his Show It sites in an entirely new direction, FREE. Recently he’s been reading and talking about the power of Free in todays economy and he certainly is practicing what he preaches.

A free trial size of the show it sites. Hosting for 5 pages, vanity url, 30 meg, and the software to manage and design it, free. Not granted that’s not a lot of space and just 5 pages, but for a lot of uses that is probably more than enough.

Small clubs and organizations, new photographers who might want to try it out before committing to the cost of the full paid version, vendors who want a custom web presence, who maybe a couple who just want a custom built site to host their “save the date” information. While 5 pages may not be a lot, for an awful lot of uses it’s plenty.

My best recommendation for any wedding photographer is still to get a blog out there and update, update, update.

Still go check out show it sites, this is a great way to do a flash piece that’s totally unique, and hey it’s free.

Show It Sites Free

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  • dj

    Rock on! Thanks for the post! Great blog Mark!