Miscellaneous Monday – Whispers

I first met Brittni Lynn back in May of 2006.   I was working on a slightly Irish themed series of commercial images and she had a wonderful combination of lovely red hair and the cutest freckles.  The commercial shots where a success and more than a few Saint Patrick’s Day advertisements have featured those images, but a few of them struck a cord and where reworked into something a little more dark and moody, and this launched a art collection of images I called “Whispers”.

Whispers is introspective, quiet, hints, softness, questioning, solitary.

The editing style I’ve chosen for this collection is largely inspired by the Holga camera and high grain black and white.    While shot in color these images have been processed through special (and rather expensive) filters that not only convert to black and white but rebuild the image using authentic grain structure of various black and white films.   It really is as close to shooting on black and white film as you can get with a digital camera.

So for this Miscellaneous Monday I present the first thee images, and the images that started, the Whisper Collection.

fine art black and white photography

Whispers Fine Art B&W Collection

Whispers Fine Art B&W Collection

Miscellaneous Monday is a new feature in which I’ll be sharing some of my personal artwork.   Much of this will be from digging into my personal art collections from over the last few years as well as more recent creations.

Fine art prints and optional framing as well as fine art canvas prints are available for sale online at:  http://photos.markhp.com/whispers

Technical Data:

Shot with a Canon 20D – an amazing camera for it’s time and still serves as one of my backup cameras that I take out to weddings.   I don’t use it often anymore but it’s good to have around just in case.     Lens for these where I believe the Canon 85mm F1.8 lens.   Another item that while I’ve upgraded to the F1.2 for my main 85mm, I still keep this older version around.  It focuses faster than the 1.2 and is still tack sharp and the F1.8 still allows for some excellent low light work.

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