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Daliana and Kyle got married

You might remember a post a while back on Daliana’s bridal session, well recently is was time to put the dress back on and I was off to Boulder for a wonderful Colorado wedding.  Driving out to assist me on this day was friend and fellow photographer Dain Linder of Photography by Dain.  Not only was his help in the coverage of the wedding wonderful as always, but with the aid of his iPhone 3Gs and the mapping feature we managed NOT to get lost while wondering all around Boulder Colorado.

We started off the day down at the Boulder Broker where Daliana had a room and all the girls where getting ready.  Vicki from Hair on Wheels did a great job getting the girls ready for the day.

Bride getting ready

Wedding Prep
Although the getting ready time isn’t as exciting to all the days participants.
Kids bored at wedding prep
Denver Wedding Photography - Bride getting ready
Since the days schedule was a busy and hectic one the choice was made by Daliana and Kyle to see each other before the ceremony.   While none traditional it really helps the day move along faster if the bridal and family shots can be scheduled before the ceremony starts.  Free’s up a lot of time if the schedule between the ceremony and reception is tight.
Still I made it a point to find a quiet spot where we could bring the couple together and share their first look in at least semi-privacy.
Boulder Colorado Wedding Photography - Bride and Groom first look
Father of the bride
Boulder Broker Inn - Wedding Party
Then it was off to Chautauqua park in Boulder for the family and bridal party portraits.
Boulder Colorado Chautauqua Park Wedding Portraits
Boulder Colorado Chautauqua Park Wedding Portraits
Then it was off to Sunrise Amphitheater up Flagstaff mountain for the ceremony itself.
Even Dailiana and Kyle’s dog “Boss” got dressed up for the occasion.
Bulldog in tutu for Colorado wedding
Finally the day gets more exciting for the younger crowd while the father of the bride is quiet in reflection of the day.
Colorado Wedding
Outdoor wedding Colorado
Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding - Boulder Colorado
Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding - Boulder Colorado
Sunrise Amphitheater Wedding - Boulder Colorado
Then off to the Koenig Event center for the reception and time for family and friends to catch up on their picture taking.
And of course the first dance.
First Dance - Colorado Wedding Photography
And then the dance floor was open to all.
Cake – I love cake. 🙂
Cake - Colorado Wedding Photography
In one of the best bouquet tosses of the season Daliana let fly from the deck overhead
bouquet toss - Colorado wedding photography
While in true Boulder football tradition her new sister in law Mele rushed past the competition to snatch it like it was an offside kick in a tied bowl game.
bouquet toss - Colorado wedding photography
Then as the night wrapped up the couple made their way through the line of sparklers to start the rest of their lives together as Mr. & Mrs.
sparklers - Colorado wedding photography


Flowers: Vickie Height  
Boulder Broker
Hair on Wheels
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