Miscellaneous Mondays – Wagon Trails event for the Dumb Friends League

Set the date aside, Saturday September 19th from 8am to noon is the Wag’n Trail 2009 event benefiting the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center located in Castle Rock.

The event will be at the Glendale Farm Open Space, I-25 and Surrey Ridge.

There will be photo spots along the trail to get a picture of you and your pet, free if you raise a minimum of $75 in pledges.   At least two of the booths are going to be manned by some wonderful local wedding photographers, hey I’m wonderful, no really I am.    I, along with my friend and often parter Dain of Photography by Dain, will be running two of the photo spots.

Now if the idea of getting a free picture done with you and your pet by either myself or my buddy Dain isn’t enough to get you out there, Denver’s hottest modern pet photographer, Jaime Rowe will be having a booth out there in the merchants area.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember that I hooked Jaime up with the League for the recent cat fest.    Well this time you get to see more of her work.

So come on out, support and awesome cause, and either get a free portrait or meet with Jaime for a future session.   It’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning in Colorado.