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Miscellaneous Mondays – and know for something completely different

While the bulk of my work is for my wedding clients from time to time other clients wish to make use of my skills,  one such client being Denver designer and artist Jessica of J-Chans Designs.  Jessica’s work is always over the top on the creative factor and this session was no different.

If you watched season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race you may recognize the client model for this session, Jade.  The outfit designed for Jade by Jessica was inspired by the Jennifer Lopez outfit in “The Cell“.

So why does a Colorado Wedding Photographer shoot creative fashion in his spare time.  Well for one reason it’s fun, and for another it’s a great chance to experiment a little with lighting that I can later translate and use for my wedding clients.

The shots below where not shot in a studio, but rather the home of the designer.   The background is simply red and black fabric and lighting was managed not with studio strobes but rather two Canon speedlites.   Nether speedlite was mounted to the camera, instead both where off camera, one in a shoot through umbrella for a main direction light and the other pointed into the rooms corner to provide a light and even fill.

So while the styling and background is different, these fashion looks where achieved with the same camera, lens and most important lighting, that I bring to every wedding and reception.