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Steamboat Springs Colorado Wedding – Stephanie and Don

As a wedding photographer one of the greatest rewards of the profession is getting a chance to meet new people and for at least a moment become part of their lives and share one of the most important days with them, and document that day for them.   I always feel it is such a privilege to do this for young couples and Stephanie and Don are no exception.  A wonderful couple with fun families.

While most of my wedding photography work is in and around the Denver area it was a welcome change to head across Colorado and visit Steamboat Springs earlier this month.   The Colorado countryside is beautiful this time of year and at the far end of the long drive was two families waiting to be joined into one.

Below is a small portion of my favorite shots from the day, and a new video done with a new process.   I expect a tips post in the near future comparing video making software for photographers.

Wedding Dress in window

Bridal Bouquet

Bride Getting Ready

Colorado Bride

Colorado Wedding


There’s a hill above the family home that has special meaning for them, so some special family photos where taken up there.   The view over the valley was truly breathtaking.



In case your wondering on some of the following shots, it was a cool night and while the hot tub wasn’t opened (at least not before I left) several people too advantage of the supply of warm robes to keep the night air nip at bay.

First Dance


The most beautiful thing about weddings is it reminds us about love, not only love of a newlywed couple, but the timeless love shared by many couples through the years.


Music “Say You Believe” by Amanda Kaletsky used under license with Animoto.

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While the wedding was held at her families home Stephanie still had to coordinate all of the vendor arrangements from out of state, so in all effect it was a Colorado destination wedding in many regards.   But for just just being able to deal with the vendors via phone and email I think she did an amazing job, of course she hired me that way so I might be just a little prejudiced.

Local Flavor Fine Cuisine by Chef Lawrence Jaconetta.
Being a wedding photographer I get a chance to eat at some of the finest places around Colorado, but the meal prepared by Lawrence was easily among the best catered meals I’ve had the pleasure of savoring in quite some time.  If looking catering options in the Steamboat Springs region you’ll be well taken care of if you contact Local Flavor.



Tall Tulips Flower Shop
From the bouquet to the table decorations the floral arrangements where a feast of color for the eyes.

Tall Tulips Flower Shop, Steamboat Springs


I Do Cakes

And trust me, it tasted as good as it looked.

Wedding Cake


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  • Wow Mark…. look at that backdrop! Colorado is beautiful. I totally want to come out there and shoot sometime!