Thursdays Tip – The Kiss

For the most part on your wedding day you don’t have to worry too much about the pictures, if you’ve hired a professional wedding photographer they they’ll do their job and you’ll have wonderful images.   But for one important picture there’s one simple thing you as a couple can do to help your photographer along.

The crescendo of the wedding ceremony is often, The Kiss.   This is the moment where every aunt, uncle and cousin is firing their cameras.  Now to help those pictures come out here’s a simple tip, don’t rush it.   That’s right just savor the moment, that first kiss as husband and wife.

I’ve seen a couple or two over the years just peck each other, snap – it’s gone.  Granted I still get my shot but I don’t have the luxury of a few shots to choose from and of course if your mom has a point and shoot she’ll never get it to focus and fire that quick.

So it’s your moment, just enjoy it, and don’t rush it.

First Kiss at wedding

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  • thanks for the tip. i think i’m going to remind my next couples about this rule, because i’ve had a few pecks that last a millisecond and i actually missed it! yikes!