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Jennifer & Matt – Butterfly Pavilion Wedding

It was only a few months ago I was contacted by Jennifer and Matt about their wedding, the two of them meeting me in my studio struck me as just such a nice couple.   With backgrounds in IT and customer support Matt and I hit it off pretty easy, and when I found out they planned on holding the ceremony at the Butterfly Pavilion I was sold, fortunately so where they and they had themselves a photographer.

Now my wife, Linda, and myself have been to the Butterfly Pavilion a half dozen times, but always just to look at the butterflies and flowers, this would be our first time focusing on a bride and groom in this piece of the tropics in the middle of Colorado.

Sizing up the area the ceremony was going to be held in I knew we’d have one problem, total lack of mobility.   No isles to move up and down, no edges to skirt.   The area would be packed with friends and family.  So if I couldn’t move around to cover the various angles I’d have to do the next best thing, cover all the angles with photographers.

While I normally shoot weddings with two photographers, for this one we’d use a team of three.   Myself, my wife Linda and Shannon of Shalynne Imaging whom has been a great help on several weddings this season.

Modern Colorado Bride
Of course the Butterfly Pavilion wouldn’t live up to its name without butterflies and flowers.
Butterfly Pavilion Wedding
Butterfly Pavilion Wedding
Butterfly Pavilion Wedding
One of my favorite images of the night, during the ceremony Matt looking at his bride.   The intensity of his gaze is just so strong.
Colorado Wedding
Butterfly Pavilion Wedding Photo
Of course come October light fades fast and it wasn’t long after the ceremony ended that it was time to leave the darkening tropics and head across the street.
Butterfly Pavilion Wedding
The reception at the Westin Westminster was wonderful.
A young couple in love, surrounded by family and friends.
Westin Westminster Wedding Photo
Westin Westminster Wedding
And of course what wedding doesn’t have some amazing cake.  This cake was form one of Denver’s finest wedding cake bakeies, Child’s Pasty Shop.    What amazing details and it was delicious as well.
Childs Pastry Shop Wedding Cake
Denver Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake - Childs Pastry Shop Denver
Jennifer and Matt, I wish you the best of luck on your life together and may you never lose the magic of this day.

Until next time,

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  • Hi Mark, Just browsing around checking some various Denver photographers and stumbled on your site. This is a great series of photos. Particularly love the first shot! Keep up the good work. Erick

  • Hi Mark, I was just browsing around and stumbled on your site. This is a great series of photos. Particularly love the first shot! Keep up the good work! Erick