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Earlier this week I had the extreme pleasure to sit down over coffee with Colorado wedding planner Heather, owner of La Dolce Vita Weddings.

While much of our talk centered around SEO (something my IT background helps me figure out pretty well it seems) and how simple things let potential clients find us, something virtually all wedding service professionals deal with, it wasn’t long before other topics and issues where kicked around that showed how much in common we have in dealing with our clients.

For example both photography and planning are something that every client can probably do for themselves on some level.   Most everybody has some type of digital camera these days and most could sit down with a piece of paper and work up some ideas for a wedding plan.

So as a professional wedding photographer my clients don’t choose me because ONLY a professional wedding photographer can take pictures, but rather I have the skill set and tools to most likely take better pictures (at least for my style of photography) and my experience gives a bride and groom the piece of mind to know I’m going to overcome any issues that my experience allows me to tackle that might stop someone with a camera from getting a usable shot, bad lighting, broken gear, etc.

Likewise a professional wedding planner not only has a talent and skill set to allow them to most likely plan the event better, but gives the couple the piece of mind knowing that someone with experience in dealing with what could  go wrong is working to make sure nothing interferes  with a couples wedding day.

I also really enjoyed finding out more about how a wedding planner does their job.   As a wedding photographer my view of the wedding and planning is pretty limited in scope and what I see of the other wedding professionals is often limited to what I can physically see and take pictures of during the day.   My knowledge of wedding planners was largely limited to what I’ve seen on shows like Platinum Weddings and David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding.

Now while the work that a wedding planner service like La Dolce Vita Weddings might not be something that is easy to take a simple picture of I have noticed myself how weddings where a planner or a wedding day coordinator is available, have been some of the smoothest weddings I’ve ever been a part of.   The trains just seem to run on time and the couple just gets to concentrate on enjoying their day.

So brides and grooms wether you want someone to help plan your entire wedding, just help work out some of the critical areas, or have a wedding day coordinator on hand to make sure  you day runs smooth and your memories are about the greatest parts of the day instead of having to deal with any stress issues that come up consider hiring a professional wedding planner or bridal consultant.

For Colorado brides, the Colorado wedding planner services of La Dolce Vita Weddings well worth checking out.  Also be sure to check out the La Dolce Vita Wedding blog, a great source of wedding tips for not only the Colorado bride, but brides anywhere.

  • Mark,

    First off, I wanted to send a special thank you(!!) for the blog love you showed me here, however, the pleasure was all mine. I really appreciated the time you took out of your busy day to give me a “free” tutorial about SEO and specifically, things that I could to do to improve the website. As we discussed, identifying the “ideal” client is a very specific and evolving process however one direction that ALL business owners, regardless of industry, need to focus on. I really enjoyed hearing about your business and the journey you have taken to get to where you are at. 🙂

    I look forward to our continued partnership!



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