Mark’s Misc Monday

Hard to believe it’s already the last day of November.  Spent much of last week with family and catching up on things around the house.  Here’s a few things from the last week and on the horizon.



Had a great day with family only downside was the oven element burnt out.   Fortunately it made it through the turkey and waited until the very end before going out.


Took Porthos to the studio to get a few shots for this years holiday cards.   We also got a shot of our cat Ninja, of course him attacking a santa hat is about as close to a holiday feel we could get. 🙂


2010 bookings are going strong and we only have one more weekend open for June.


Biggest Loser Monday

This is the first season I’ve ever watched of “The Biggest Loser” and I must admit I’ve been immensely inspired by the work of the contestants.   While I’ve had weight issues my entire life it’s always been a challenge to get focused on a plan for any length of time.  But after watching this show I’ve decided I need to find a way to find the time.

As I come into the slower season in this industry I’m often looking at what I can do to make next year better for my business and my clients.  So taking these two items together I’ve decided to try the approach of an hour a day devoted to exercise is going to be a huge benefit not just for myself, but for my business and clients.

Now of course 1 hour a day isn’t going to compare to 4-6 hours in the gym with Bob and Jillian, but it beats sitting in front of the computer for that hour I guess.

So the first(ish) Monday of each month on my misc Monday post I’ll touch on the past months progress.  Don’t worry there won’t be any shirtless weigh in pictures, just a talk about what was working and what wasn’t.

So for November 2lbs lost.   Now of course that’s hardly anything – but in my defense this month had birthdays and Thanksgiving – and my wife makes awesome pumpkin pie.