Mark’s Misc Monday – Baby it’s cold outside

Sitting here on a chilly Monday morning listening to Christmas with the Rat Pack, Dean Martin’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” being one of my favorite versions.  Don’t worry later I’ll be rockin out with some heavy metal influenced classical Trans-Siberian Orchestra music.

When there’s 6″ of fresh snow outside and the temperature is about 6 degree’s it reminds me of how wonderful it is to have a job where I can decide that today will be a work from the home office day.   There’s always bookkeeping and filing to catch up on.


Over the weekend we did a little early Christmas shopping for the house and purchased a new heating blanket.   Our old one just didn’t cut it anymore and with the back sliding door to take out the dog being IN the bedroom we just really needed every bit of help we could get keeping the bed warm.


Picked up something new for the business as well, a Garmin Nuvi GPS navigator.   On my recent wedding up in Vail I carpooled up there with my associate shooter Dain and he had one of these in his vehicle.   It did an amazing job of getting us between hotels, chapels, and venues not to mention hunting for coffee on the way home that night.

While I’ve always gotten by well enough with printed maps it looked much easier just to have a display showing the path and telling you about upcomming turns and exits.   Of course being a former IT guy I’m all about backups and redundancy so having some printed maps in the dossier that goes with me on the day of the event is still going to be part of the plan, just in case…..


With the weddings wrapped up I’ll be working on new studio sample albums this month and doing some “Favorites of 2009” posts.

Don’t worry though with 3 weddings booked for January I’m going to be hitting the ground running with fresh content in 2010.


It seems weird to say 2010 without talking about a futuristic science fiction story.   I remember as a kid watching “Space: 1999” and that seemed so far away.

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  • I was just thinking the same thing about “Space: 1999” yesterday!