Feedback From a Groom

As a Colorado wedding photographer I’d say that most of my client contact is with the bride, she’s usually the one making all the decisions and in charge of everything.  Sure, the groom to be usually shows up to the first client meeting and sometimes so does one of their parents.  But most the emails and phone calls come from the bride.

So with that in mind while I love every ounce of feedback I get from any of my clients, a long thank you note from a GROOM after the wedding is so very rewarding.   Even more so when this groom wasn’t really on board with spending any real amount of money on wedding photography.  It just makes me feel that if my service and my photos get that strong a reaction from a reluctant client then I made the right choice a few years ago when I walked away from the world of computers and networks to pursue photography.

The author of this note was Seth from Seth and Julie’s recent Vail wedding that I photographed along with my friend and often associate photographer Dain of Photography by Dain.

I received lovely emails from both of them when they returned from their honeymoon, but Seth’s email, written from the position of someone who didn’t think photography was worth that much of their budget really struck me and I wanted to share it.  So with the Seth’s permission I’m posting an excerpt of the letter .

When we started the process of planning the wedding, I embraced the role of micro-managing and obsessively nagging Julie from behind the scenes.  We both were under a considerable stress planning in such a short time, and my constant questioning of her choices added both frustration and humor.  She did such an exceptional job with the whole event, but I am a meddler at heart and scrutinized all of her decisions.  As it came time to pick a photographer, I didn’t see much importance and simply wanted to go as cheaply as possible.  I even suggested just finding a friend, family member or college student with a “good” digital camera to knock out our pictures.  “Typical guy,” huh?  She insisted that based on your recommendations and references and the peace she had about you, that we have you document the event in pictures.  I rolled my eyes and finally deferred, moving on to other issues to micro-manage.

Working with you and Dain on the weekend of the wedding was easy and comfortable, and I felt thankful that she had chosen you as a photographer.  It was a relief upon the morning of our special day to realize that we were in such capable hands.  But I in no way expected what I saw posted on your website last week.  The professionalism, the attention to detail, the quality of shots, the capturing of emotions and special moments, the incredible slide-show that left both of us in tears… all things absolutely blew me away.  As a typical guy without any understanding or concept of the importance of photography in an event such as this, I was so impressed and blessed by your work.  I couldn’t have imagined feeling so thankful about something that I had previously taken for granted.  It’s clear that you have a gift and are very committed to being the best at what you do, and I am so grateful that we chose you.  My plan is to now take complete credit among our friends and family for the outstanding photo-journalism that we had at our wedding and reception.

Thank you again very much for your work.  Please pass along my appreciation to Dain as well.  We couldn’t be happier or more relieved at how things turned out, and I find myself wanting to plan another event and have you attend just to have access to the incredible shots that you would no doubt generate.  We will definitely be recommending you to anyone we hear of that has a need, and please feel free to use us as a reference that could assist you in any way.  Have a great holiday season…

Being a wedding photographer is a lot of long work, the hours spent at a wedding just a fraction of the amount of time devoted to each client and honestly I made better money as a Systems Administrator.   But it’s not always about the money, it’s about doing what you love to do and knowing that you’re sharing that with your clients.   And when I get feedback like this, well I know I’m doing the right thing.

Until next time,

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