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Friday Favorites – Bridal Portrait

This weeks Friday Favorite comes from a wonderful bridal session I had the chance to do with one of my favorite 2009 brides, Daliana. This bridal session was shot at the church attached to my studio space, South Broadway Christian Church.   I’ve often used the 100+ year old stone walls for portrait backgrounds and […]

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Professional Wedding Photography Pricing

Scott Bourne over at photofocus made a blog post on the subject titled, And You Call Yourself a Professional and really goes to town on the $500 budget wedding photographers and both raises some interesting ideas and creating a bit of a firestorm as well. While Scott covers a lot of ground here there’s another […]

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Mark Hayes - Denver Wedding Photographer - October 12, 2010 - 8:37 am

I say that while most people who have weddings with budgets well below $10,000 don’t opt to spend most of it on the photography I do several weddings each year where I’m sure my fee is not the 20-30% average of the budget but more likely 80-90% of the budget. My smallest wedding to date was 7 people – I was the only witness that wasn’t part of the immediate wedding party (which was all family).

Even for those who opt to only invest $500 to $750 into their photography choosing a person who owns a camera and will only charge that much is a poor choice. Better to go out and buy a entry level dSLR with a kit lens and have a family member who loves photos run around and fill up the memory cards. You’ll still have basic photos – but then you also have a nice camera as well.


GeorgeS. - October 12, 2010 - 8:04 am


Some of you folks are TO FUNNY!!

“…the bride risks loosing their $500 entirely…..”

Lets face it: people who are planning on spending $10,000.00 and up on a wedding/reception ought to be planning on spending $2000.00 and up on a photographer. After a day, week, month and years go by all you’ll have left of the $10K+ day is your memories and photos. By all means spend %20 of your budget on photography!

But George what about those who are budgeting LESS THAN $10K for their wedding/reception? They should also consider spending %20 of their budget on photography!!

The reality here is that not everyone wants/needs/desires a $750 photo album, full day coverage or ‘works of art’ when it comes to their wedding photos!

The folks who invite 10 friends to a BBQ/Potluck wedding/reception in their apartment/back yard are NOT in the market for a $2000.00+ wedding photographer.

While most full time professionals NEED to charge what they do to cover the costs of their store front/studio and provide the sole sourse of income for their family, thankfully the FTP is NOT the only option available.

Besides resorting to using your guests cell phones, disposable cameras or rental cameras, there are many photographers who can provide the services you need at price points you can afford.


Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday — January 25th 2010

******************************************* Another Monday, another Miscellaneous post. Taste of Dunafon Brides, Dunafon Castle will be planning another Taste of Dunafon for late February.   If you’re still looking for a venue and want to find one of the most magnificent wedding venues in Colorado for your wedding you’ll want to check this out.   Just go […]

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Friday Favorites – Quiet Moment

This shot came from Joe and Audrey’s wedding at Phipps Mansion this last summer.   The quiet moment in between some more posed shots captured their intimacy and love wonderfully.  Wether the shot be posed or candid – it’s the emotion coming through that for me always makes the shot so special. Until next time, […]

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Mark and Ashley Wedding

In the winter some of Colorado’s most striking venues take on a different, but still beautiful look.  It’s one of the great things about being a Colorado wedding photographer, the amazing venues and how they change through the year.  Glen Eyrie is just such a venue. This January it was my pleasure to photography Mark […]

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