Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday — January 25th 2010


Another Monday, another Miscellaneous post.

Taste of Dunafon

Brides, Dunafon Castle will be planning another Taste of Dunafon for late February.   If you’re still looking for a venue and want to find one of the most magnificent wedding venues in Colorado for your wedding you’ll want to check this out.   Just go to the website and in the contact area you can get in touch with Annie and Shannon and they’ll get you setup.    This is a great way to view the castle if you’re still looking for a venue and I hope to see some of our clients we’ve already booked for 2010 there as well.

adminDunafon Castle


Biggest Loser Monday

After a few weeks of hitting the gym 6 days a week I am seeing some wonderful results.   The belt I wore for last years wedding season is just about too big for me now.   I started on the second hole and I’m now on the last hole.   The only downside to all this is I’m going to need all new clothes come this seasons weddings at this rate.



Porthos, aka “Mister Mischief” is now an escape artist

Since our dog Porthos is still a bit of a chewer we typically crate him when we have to leave.    Well the last week or two despite being crated he’s been meeting me at the door, and seems extremely pleased with himself when he does.  We setup a camera on the crate this week and it seems the little guy has figure out how to work the latch wish his nose and teeth.  Once he gets bored of the crate, about 10 minutes, and starts working on the latch he’s out of it inside another 2-3 minutes.

Since he hasn’t chewed anything up after his escapes I’ll let him have this little victory for now and not get a different crate with a better latch.