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I’ve Lost My Gear – Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday

I’ve lost my gear – in weight loss as of this week. Biggest Loser Monday As some of you know Season 8 last fall of The Biggest Loser really inspired me to start taking control of my weight issues so late last November I started really watching my intake and getting a little more exercise….

  • Mark you are so rad and a freaking inspiration! It was fabulous seeing you last night! Have a fabulous week my friend!

  • I am SO happy that you are becoming so successful! Yay for your safe arrival to the side of the road and Congrats to you and your beautiful wife. What a milestone!

    Love Samantha Wells

  • Ack, I give you props for not loosing your cool over this! Must be because of all of those weddings where you’ve had to keep your calm and get the shot!

Think Tank Airport Security 2.0

For the longest time when photographing weddings in the Denver area and all over Colorado I’ve had to deal with multiple bags just to get all my gear there.   My backpack camera case would hold the bodies and lenses, but no lighting gear so it was a second back for that and then of…

  • […] few weeks back I posted an article on my gear bag and commented on how fully loaded it was about 50 pounds in weight.  Well this week my weight loss […]

  • Mark – in my search for a new rolling bag, I came across your blog and your review for the TT AS 2.0. What really is sealing the deal for me compared to others, is the ability to have a 70-200 2.8 on end, instead of laying down. When i compare that to a bag like the Lowepro x200, it’s a no brainier. Thanks for the review!

The Green Package – iPad Wedding Collection

Like many Americans I’m concerned about the current state of environmental issues and am always on the lookout for ways that I can make small changes both personally and with my business to help make positive changes.   Living in and doing business as a wedding photographer in Colorado the beauty of our environment is…

“Digital Lifestyle” A new iPad proof option

Proofs.   Not a lot of photographers still give these out with every wedding package, many are more than happy to just let you have the disc of “digital proofs” and call that good.   Myself I have two reasons why this doesn’t work for me as a photographer. I like physical things.   To…

Mark’s Miscellaneous Monday – 02-01-2010

**************************** Been a busy week for an out of season week. If you’re an Apple geek the new iPad rocked your boat last week.   Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these for client meetings and later this week I’ll be announcing a “Digital Lifestyle” wedding selection that includes one of these…

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  • Looks like you’ve been busy during off-season. It’s been great getting to know you and your photographic style. Your passion for your work is obvious. Wishing you a great 2010 wedding season!