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“Digital Lifestyle” A new iPad proof option

Proofs.   Not a lot of photographers still give these out with every wedding package, many are more than happy to just let you have the disc of “digital proofs” and call that good.   Myself I have two reasons why this doesn’t work for me as a photographer.

  1. I like physical things.   To me there’s something special about holding real photos, passing them back and forth around a table, showing everyone your favorites, not just clicking the next button with a mouse.   It gives the images weight, it gives them value.
  2. I want to make sure I have control over the quality of the way my clients first view their images.   As someone who spent years, or decades more accurately, in the IT world I’ve seen on many occasions how most consumer computer video options and monitors are not accurate in color and contrast to the degree required for evaluating images properly.

So because of this I build proof prints into all of my coverage options for weddings.   You can’t hire me for a wedding anymore and NOT get proof prints.  Oh I’ve looked at options for digital proofs, but I always had to either depend on the client having a quality computer system or have to provide it myself.   I considered the iPod touch, but it’s just too small to be worth it.

But then along comes iPad.   Large display screen, close to an 8×10, and a beautiful backlit LCD screen, and at a price point that makes it attractive for this use.

So for those client that just really don’t want a 4×6 proof of every single image  I’m going to be offering the “Digital Lifestyle” proof option as a trial option.   Instead of the printed proofs all your images will be loaded up and delivered on a new iPad, along with the disc of images you can load on any computer.

This way you still get to hold an amazing display and pass it around a table and I know the quality of the display will show off the work in it’s best light.   If you don’t like Apple products or the iPad it still makes a marvelous digital frame for your mantle or desk.

Now while the iPad has a wonderful price point, it’s still a tad more than what the cost of the proof prints are so there will be a price adjustment.   To upgrade to a “Digital Lifestyle” coverage option just add $350 to the coverage costs for any coverage option.

So now you have a choice.

The traditional proof option at the standard coverage costs.

Printed Proof images

Or the Digital Lifestyle proof option for coverage costs + $350.


Until next time when we unveil our new “Going Green” wedding package,

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