Think Tank Airport Security 2.0

For the longest time when photographing weddings in the Denver area and all over Colorado I’ve had to deal with multiple bags just to get all my gear there.   My backpack camera case would hold the bodies and lenses, but no lighting gear so it was a second back for that and then of course bags for stands and tripods if those where needed as well.

Recently however I purchased Think Tanks Airport Security 2.o Roller Bag. After shooting two weddings with this I can’t imagine how I got by without it now.

The outside of the case is well designed and ruggedly built.   Up front a storage compartment and a pocket big enough to hold a good sized laptop in a sleeve.

Airport Security 2.0

On the side opposite the carry handle is another storage compartment and a smaller sleeve as well as a place to run straps to either mount a tripod to stands to the side of the case.

Airport Security 2.0

Extending the handle allows the bag to be rolled around easily and if in terrain that the wheels won’t work in just below the handle is another compartment that holds a pair of should straps so you can carry this bag like a backpack.

Airport Security 2.0

With the main flap open the cover is lined with larger pockets great for batteries and assorted cables and accessories.


But the real beauty of this bag is in the main compartment.   What really sets this bag apart from every other bag is the depth.   In the upper right corner of this picture is my 70-200mm telephoto lens, fitting in on it’s end.  In all my previous cases this would have to be stored laying on it’s side and taking up 3x’s as much space.

Airport Security 2.0

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  • Mark – in my search for a new rolling bag, I came across your blog and your review for the TT AS 2.0. What really is sealing the deal for me compared to others, is the ability to have a 70-200 2.8 on end, instead of laying down. When i compare that to a bag like the Lowepro x200, it’s a no brainier. Thanks for the review!